Grinfy Monitoring and Analyzing makes it possible to collect online data about:

  • Engine vibrations
  • The voltage of each phase
  • The intensity of each phase
  • Active power, apparent power
  • The temperature of the air inlet
  • Temperature at the clutch
  • Other



Additionally Grinfy Monitoring and Analyzing offers functionalities such as:

  • Detection of anomalies (including machine damage)
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Alarm functionality


Grinfy Monitoring and Analyzing contains the following modules:

  • Online web application (statistic, configuration module)
  • Mobile applications
  • Hardware modules for collecting information about electric power and from different sensors (temperature, vibration, …)
  • R server
  • Modbus client


Grinfy Monitoring and Analyzing can be used to monitor and retrieve information from:

  • big machine tool (Coburg), blower, super charger, or others by collecting data from the main electric connection or from sensors
  • building, office the main electric connection
  • photovoltaic panels and farms

Analysis of machine work

  • Alerts (threshold)
  • Detection of anomalies (Environment R – ARIMA + linear regression)
  • Detection of anomalies (artificial intelligence – neural networks)
  • Damage prediction (statistics, trends)