• Sensitive data of the users are not collected by the system

• Detects the anomalies in IT infrastructure

• Provides information about the profiles of the usage of IT infrastructure by the employees

• Detects the abnormally high load of computers

• Detects the state of the IT infrastructure

• Shows information about the global energy consumption in the company

• Gives possibility to integrate with SIEM

• Automates actions

• Eliminates time-consuming administrative work

• Controls the entire distributed IT infrastructure

• Gives information about the anomalies and unusual events

• Reports events

• Asset Management

• Analysis of historical data

• Real average energy savings of 30% and maximum savings of up to 80%

• Transparent licensing

• The use of innovative algorithms

• Intelligent adaptation policies

• Increased security organizations

We are currently working on Grinfy module for Data Centres. Our system will:

  • monitor multiple parameters of servers through IPMI protocol, like processor load, memory usage, disk utilization, etc.
  • present the details regarding the execution of every process or virtual machine; the main bottlenecks of applications will be visible as well as cycle-level processor utilization
  • present the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) metrics that describe the energy efficiency of the IT infrastructure
  • offer automatic detection of anomalies, diagnostics, prediction of hardware failures

Grinfinity Sp. z o.o. and its product – Grinfy

Grinfinity is a company that concentrates on improving energy efficiency of companies, institutions, and homes through the use of smart IT solutions. Its main product is a platform for monitoring and controling computers and other devices with a special focus on energy efficiency issues. Grinfinity helps its customers to analyse their infrastructure, create user profiles, detect anomalies and find solutions that optimise overall efficiency. The list of Grinfinity customers includes large industrial corporations, university campuses, and public administration bodies.

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We will be very happy to answer any of your questions. If you are interested in deploying Grinfy in your company or you would like to start cooperation with us – please write to office@grinfinity.com or call +48 602 778 288.