Grinfinity Sp. z o.o. and its product – Grinfy

Grinfinity was founded by a group of renown researchers in the field of green IT technology with professional background from the Poznan Research Centres. Being headed by experienced mangers we aim at becoming technological and market leaders in providing tools for better management of energy efficiency. Our main technological achievement which we started to offer commercially in May 2016 is a Grinfy, platform for monitoring and control of IT infrastructure, machines as well as other devices utilizing our proprietary know-how and the most modern technologies (AI, R framework, etc). Grinfy is designed to help its customers analyse their infrastructure, detect anomalies, predictive maintenance and find solutions/configurations that optimise overall efficiency to decrease power consumption and continuity of maintenance on the company/organization level using . The broad scope of existing and potential customers includes large industrial corporations, , energy and gas sector, factory, automotive, university, and public administration bodies.

Marcin Adamski
+48 602 778 288