Saving up to 30% has never been easier.

Start monitoring and controlling energy with Grinfy.

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    What is Grinfy?

    Grinfy is an innovative program that allows you to save energy by desktops and laptops. Reducing energy consumption It is achieved through the intelligent management of computers and monitors the use of algorithms and techniques for adapting infrastructure work to user behavior. The system continually monitors the functioning and at the right time automatically sets the appropriate policies and the available parameters. Management are also subject to computer parts (Eg. Hard disk, CPU) and monitors.

    Grinfy continuously monitors the use of a computer. Is analyzed his idle time, CPU load, monitor status, current performance hardware and user behavior. They are not collected private data from your hard drive or any sensitive data. If no activity on the computer, Grinfy automatically take specific actions based on intelligent algorithms.

  • Grinfy allows to:

    - Access to the web panel with statistics
    - Create statistics of energy for groups of computers
    - Manage drivers and processes that prevent computers from working efficiently - Save energy by managing computers by:
    - Suspending computers
    - Turning off monitor
    - Managing the processor clock speed by adjusting his activity to the behaviour of the employees' work
    - Turning off hard disk

    Home – Insight
  • Security

    Detecting irregularities in the operation of up to 32% of computers, despite the installed standard IT security systems (antivirus, firewalls, etc.).
  • Savings

    Obtaining an average of 30% energy savings for computers. In the case of computers running under specific conditions savings of up to 80%.
  • Freedom

    Automated desktop management to reduce energy consumption, eliminating time-consuming administrative work, to increase the comfort of users.